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360-Degree Panorama Virtual Tour / Contents Service Launch


360-Degree Panorama Virtual Tour / Contents Service Launch

~ Beyond a Virtual Tour by Video ~

We are now planning to start producing and selling 360-degree panorama virtual tour contents and services in Hawaii for the real estate industry, visitor industry and restaurant industry.

Compared to virtual tours / contents that are guided only by conventional video images, 360-degree panoramic photo-based technology is inexpensive, easy to see and offers virtual, realistic viewing of the subject at anytime from anywhere. Prices start from 780 dollars*. Please take a look at the samples and experience the quality and sharpness of the content. If you are interested in such content, please contact us for a quotation.

*Note 1: With 360-degree photography, images may be shot from up to 10 perspectives per property (one location)

【Comparison Chart】



Virtual Tour

Our 360-degree Panorama Virtual Tour


Delivery format



You can browse from various terminals via the Internet with standard browsers. No special application required

With HTML 5, you can view text, images, videos** in hybrid format.

May be easily browsed through existing, public websites without special change by PC/SmartPhone/Tablet.

Usage form



You can browse the necessary information interactively from the user's perspective (360 degrees).

Various detailed information can be added to the contents in various formats (text, images, video, etc.). Also, it is possible to modify, add, and delete any time after production.

Traffic volume



Since communication volume is light, it can be viewed on mobile devices like smartphones.




Reasonable production cost




Fast delivery from shooting to delivery

**Note 2: Offering standard terrestrial videos or drone aerial photography (conducted by FAA certified drone pilot located at our company counter)


(Real estate industry)

In less than conventional sales man-hours, you can easily and extensively accommodate visitors' preferences, making it easier to narrow down preferred customers. Contracting efficiency and customer satisfaction can be improved. It is possible to register with MLS in Hawaii and provide information to more stakeholders.

(Visitor and Restaurant industries)

 You can offer more detailed facility and room information guidance, including features of the rooms. Maintain positive image of location during customer visits and improve reservation numbers.


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   Note: You can browse at VIRTUAL TOUR on the MLS website.



【Contact Information】

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