We provide the latest IT solutions, especially ideal for tourism and real estate industries, both significant sectors in the State of Hawaii. The following is a list of applicable solutions for various industries. All categories, subcategories, and products listed include, but are not limited to what is listed.


Applicable industries: Retail, Accommodation (including hotels, condominiums, and private residences), Food & Beverage, Transportation, Travel/Tours, Events, and Weddings and Golfs.

Application business: Advertisement, Public Relations, Marketing, Event Planning, and Implementation

Application Example

Utilization of the latest IT devices such as mobile terminals (smartphones and tablets), digital signage, and drones in various scenes will expand customer attention and increase business name recognition. These solutions can contribute to an increase in sales expansion.

· Develop customer attraction tools through experience-based planning through the use of mobile applications in stores, malls, and other various events

· Increase willingness to purchase by providing more useful information through compelling content such as images and voice. Consumers can be given a more real experience that is produced upon the use of interactive technology like augmented reality. An example of this is to scan a product, catalog, or poster for additional information or promotion.

· Leave a lasting impression and increase brand awareness online via customers’ social media. High-quality videos and photography through the of drones are sure to impress family and friends. (e.g., wedding, hiking, tourist attractions, sunset yoga, SUP yoga)

Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business Application: New Building, Previously-owned property sales, Rental, and Real estate management

Application example

Increase a customer's first impression and willingness to buy with the latest technology. Individualized indoor photo and video content, combined with drone imagery, along with realistic photography and videography shot from 360-degree cameras, will effectively increase the property's appeal, leading to faster purchase commitments. This next-level differentiation from other realtors will lead to better customer satisfaction, stronger feelings of commitment, and may lead to an expansion in the number of properties handled.

■ Assess and manage real estate properties by utilizing drones to realistically and quickly grasp the state of property damage or deterioration. The use of our technology will allow confirmation beyond in-person assessments via videography and photography. In doing so, work efficiency and quality standards will increase and lead to an uptick in customer satisfaction.

■ Smart Locks in places such as private residences, offices, and rental property, will safely and securely save the cost of labor and drastically reduce the risk of a lost or stolen copy of a physical key.

· Office
Unlike a physical key, Smart Locks will secure the place of business through the records of individual staff members that enter and leave the space, leading to improved overall safety.

· Rental Space
A highly secure venue through the use of entry records can reassure both renter and property manager of safety. Cut down on time spent in delivering a physical key to conventional users while drastically reducing working hour and cost of management labor.

· Private accommodation (vacation rentals)
Save on laborious tasks such as delivering a physical key, eliminate the risk of a lost or stolen key, keep a record of space usage, improve security, and increase user satisfaction.